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Shining Angels Association

Digital Education

Digital education has an important role to play in India. Nowadays all communication channels in the world have become modern, fast and high tech due to digital technology. The World is advancing with digitalization lifestyle through the use of the digital tools. India is moving towards digitalization exponstionally. We are dreaming for Digital India now . In few days technology will take over many things and digital Education will be must for   everyone.  Poor families do not afford normal education, if they think they will give digital education it will be big task and burden in their life.  So we have started “ Free Digital Education for Slum children” , Since this project is being operated in slums. It will be easy and convenient for slum children to get benefitted.

It helps to improve children concentration and information retention as well as their ability to do their own research and work in teams. It also permits for personalization of learning and encourages children to find the content that they like. The digital education is important for children in all spheres of education. It is a user-friendly platform, where the student can access their courses very well from anywhere.  It helps to makes their education more effective and efficient. It help to remove the fear of technology, and make technology exciting There are multiple benefits of digital learning in transforming a child’s life like: Motor Skills, Decision Making, Visual Learning, Cultural Awareness, Improved Academic Performance, Inventiveness . It will help children for build their career.