We want part time fundraisers , please contact 9029400401

Shining Angels Association


Do you have the passion to contribute towards the Society?  You have same feelings like us to payback our Country?  Volunteers can choose from a list of options in which they would like to help our organization according to their interest and capabilities, availability of time & your convenience.

  • Fundraising:
    This involves getting sponsorship/ funds/ Donations for our Projects, Poor Cancer Patients and underprivileged children. Different campaigns   & events; entering into partnerships with corporate to procure funds.
  • Teaching:  
    Individuals with a considerable amount of knowledge, exposure and experience are invited to mentor Students in our Center. Mentoring may be offered to individuals, small groups and larger groups of students. Workshops, seminars are some of the ways in which mentors engage with the beneficiaries.
  • Social Network:
    You can use your social contacts to create online awareness and campaigns for us through whatsapp, face book, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.
  • CAMPUS Awarness:
    Represent Shining Angels NGO in your campus or work place by promoting the cause of volunteerism through campus faculty and colleagues. You would require good presentation & communication skills. You can spread the word through posters, presentations, events, emails, social networking and other such media.  You would be certificated at the end of the engagement.