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Cancer Related Work

Shining Angels Association was born out of the realization that Life is a joyful journey for privileged but it’s a curse for those suffering from cancer. Patients, who can afford it, pay for treatment out of pocket.

Those who cannot die. It was a response to the urgently felt need to come together to stand for the less fortunate ones who are fighting the battle against cancer and combat the growing menace of cancer in our country.

Our aim is to spread the message that diagnosis of Cancer is not the end of the road. There's life after cancer and it is meaningful. The emotional turmoil, the stress and strain, the patient goes through, before and during the treatment, takes heavy toll on the patient and his family. Shining Angels endeavors to provide an additional support system offering information and understanding.

Our dream and inspiration is to reignite the light of childhood to children whose innocence has ended when life-threatening disease cancer was diagnosed. We take care that children & their family should not face in any financial and emotional difficulty during Pre and Post medical treatment duration.

Would request you all to come together and take a pledge that no child should suffer and help them through the most difficult time of their lives.